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Vallejo Model Color

Vallejo Model Color
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Model Color: 70-951 WhiteModel Color: 70-919 Foundation WhiteModel Color: 70-842 Gloss WhiteModel Color: 70-820 Offwhite
Model Color: 70-918 IvoryModel Color: 70-928 Light FleshModel Color: 70-837 Pale SandModel Color: 70-917 Beige
Model Color: 70-916 Sand YellowModel Color: 70-949 Light YellowModel Color: 70-952 Lemon YellowModel Color: 70-806 German Yellow
Model Color: 70-858 Ice YellowModel Color: 70-915 Deep YellowModel Color: 70-953 Flat YellowModel Color: 70-948 Golden Yellow
Model Color: 70-815 Basic SkintoneModel Color: 70-955 Flat FleshModel Color: 70-927 Dark FleshModel Color: 70-845 Sunny Skin Tone
Model Color: 70-860 Medium FleshtoneModel Color: 70-911 Light OrangeModel Color: 70-805 German OrangeModel Color: 70-851 Bright Orange
Model Color: 70-956 Clear OrangeModel Color: 70-817 ScarletModel Color: 70-910 Orange RedModel Color: 70-909 Vermillion
Model Color: 70-947 Dark VermillionModel Color: 70-908 Carmine RedModel Color: 70-957 Flat RedModel Color: 70-946 Dark Red
Model Color: 70-926 RedModel Color: 70-814 Burnt RedModel Color: 70-859 Black RedModel Color: 70-804 Beige Red
Model Color: 70-835 Salmon RoseModel Color: 70-803 Brown RoseModel Color: 70-944 Old RoseModel Color: 70-958 Pink
Model Color: 70-802 Sunset RedModel Color: 70-945 MagentaModel Color: 70-812 Violet RedModel Color: 70-959 Purple
Model Color: 70-810 Royal PurpleModel Color: 70-811 Blue VioletModel Color: 70-960 VioletModel Color: 70-898 Dark Sea Blue
Model Color: 70-807 Oxford BlueModel Color: 70-899 Dark Prussian BlueModel Color: 70-965 Prussian BlueModel Color: 70-925 Blue
Model Color: 70-930 DarkblueModel Color: 70-809 Royal BlueModel Color: 70-839 UltramarineModel Color: 70-962 Flat Blue
Model Color: 70-963 Medium BlueModel Color: 70-964 Field BlueModel Color: 70-900 French Mirage BlueModel Color: 70-903 Intermediate Blue
Model Color: 70-943 Grey BlueModel Color: 70-902 AzureModel Color: 70-901 Pastel BlueModel Color: 70-906 Pale Blue
Model Color: 70-841 Andrea BlueModel Color: 70-844 Deep Sky BlueModel Color: 70-961 Sky BlueModel Color: 70-840 Light Turquoise
Model Color: 70-966 TurquoiseModel Color: 70-808 Blue GreenModel Color: 70-838 EmeraldModel Color: 70-970 Deep Green
Model Color: 70-969 Park Green FlatModel Color: 70-891 Intermediate GreenModel Color: 70-942 Light GreenModel Color: 70-974 Green Sky
Model Color: 70-827 Lime GreenModel Color: 70-954 Yellow GreenModel Color: 70-857 Golden OliveModel Color: 70-833 German Camo Bright Green
Model Color: 70-850 Medium OliveModel Color: 70-967 Olive GreenModel Color: 70-968 Flat GreenModel Color: 70-922 Uniform Green
Model Color: 70-920 German UniformModel Color: 70-823 Luftwaffe Camo GreenModel Color: 70-892 Yellow OliveModel Color: 70-895 Gunship Green
Model Color: 70-975 Military GreenModel Color: 70-890 Retractive GreenModel Color: 70-889 U.S.A. Olive DrabModel Color: 70-888 Olive Grey
Model Color: 70-887 Brown VioletModel Color: 70-924 Russian Uniform WWIIModel Color: 70-893 U.S. Dark GreenModel Color: 70-894 Camo Olive Green
Model Color: 70-979 German Camo Dark GreenModel Color: 70-897 Bronce GreenModel Color: 70-896 German Camo Extra Dark GreenModel Color: 70-980 Black Green
Model Color: 70-886 Green GreyModel Color: 70-830 German Fieldgrey WWIIModel Color: 70-821 German Camo Beige WWIIModel Color: 70-884 Stone Grey
Model Color: 70-816 Luftwaffe Uniform WWIIModel Color: 70-971 Green GreyModel Color: 70-972 Light Green BlueModel Color: 70-973 Light Sea Grey
Model Color: 70-885 Pastel GreenModel Color: 70-986 Deck TanModel Color: 70-987 Medium GreyModel Color: 70-881 Yellow Green
Model Color: 70-880 Khaki GreyModel Color: 70-879 Green BrownModel Color: 70-988 KhakiModel Color: 70-978 Dark Yellow
Model Color: 70-923 Japan Uniform WWIIModel Color: 70-882 MiddlestoneModel Color: 70-914 Green OchreModel Color: 70-976 Buff
Model Color: 70-913 Yellow OchreModel Color: 70-912 Tan YellowModel Color: 70-847 Dark SandModel Color: 70-819 Iraqui Sand
Model Color: 70-977 Desert YellowModel Color: 70-877 GoldbrownModel Color: 70-856 Ochre BrownModel Color: 70-824 German Camo Orange Ochre
Model Color: 70-929 Light BrownModel Color: 70-829 Amaranth RedModel Color: 70-981 Orange BrownModel Color: 70-876 Brown Sand
Model Color: 70-843 Cork BrownModel Color: 70-874 Tan EarthModel Color: 70-875 Beige BrownModel Color: 70-818 Red Leather
Model Color: 70-982 Cavalry BrownModel Color: 70-940 Saddle BrownModel Color: 70-846 Mahogany BrownModel Color: 70-984 Flat Brown
Model Color: 70-921 English UniformModel Color: 70-873 US Field DrabModel Color: 70-983 Flat EarthModel Color: 70-825 German Camo Pale Brown
Model Color: 70-826 German Camo Medium BrownModel Color: 70-985 Hull RedModel Color: 70-871 Leather BrownModel Color: 70-941 Burnt Umber
Model Color: 70-872 Chocolate BrownModel Color: 70-822 German Camo Black BrownModel Color: 70-993 White GreyModel Color: 70-883 Silvergrey
Model Color: 70-907 GreyblueModel Color: 70-989 Sky GreyModel Color: 70-990 Light GreyModel Color: 70-905 Bluegrey Pale
Model Color: 70-904 Dark Blue GreyModel Color: 70-870 Medium Sea GreyModel Color: 70-991 Dark Sea GreyModel Color: 70-992 Neutral Grey
Model Color: 70-836 London GreyModel Color: 70-869 Basalt GreyModel Color: 70-868 Dark SeagreenModel Color: 70-867 Dark Bluegrey
Model Color: 70-866 Grey GreenModel Color: 70-994 Dark GreyModel Color: 70-995 German GreyModel Color: 70-862 Black Grey
Model Color: 70-950 BlackModel Color: 70-861 Glossy BlackModel Color: 70-997 SilverModel Color: 70-996 Gold
Model Color: 70-878 Old GoldModel Color: 70-801 BrassModel Color: 70-998 BronzeModel Color: 70-999 Copper
Model Color: 70-865 Oily SteelModel Color: 70-864 Natural SteelModel Color: 70-863 Gunmetal GreyModel Color: 70-800 Gunmetal Blue
Our Price:  £2.40(Inc. 20% VAT)(£2.00 Exc. VAT)
Model Color:  

Model:  Vallejo-MC-70-951
Brand:  Acrylicos Vallejo

Acrylicos Vallejo

Vallejo has been manufacturing acrylic colors for fine arts since 1970.

Model Color can be diluted with water, and all colours can be mixed with one another. The product does not contain solvents and is not inflamable. Colours do not contain lead pigments, nor ingredients harmful to health. Errors can be corrected inmediately with water, or with a small amount of alcohol. Once the paint has dried, it is waterproof and permanent.

Packaging: Bottles of 17 ml. with eyedropper. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container. It can be used in minimal quantities and preserved for a long time.


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