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Orcs and Goblins

Often portrayed as barbarians and destroyers of civilisations, the orcs and goblins have often had an unhappy history, with the destruction of their homelands causing them to enter the lands of an intolerant race known as man.


For an aeon they have dwelt in the deep places of the Earth. They have built a great civilisation upon the ruins of the old dwarven halls and called it 'Goblinvylle'.  But to the beleaguered and embittered dwarves it is known as 'Goblinvile'. An anarchic range of goblins, mostly sculpted by Kevin 'Goblinmaster' Adams.

Goblins of the Free Forest

When the great orc and goblin armies came to the Lost Mountains, not all of the goblins took their place in their new home. Instead, those who were shunned, wounded, or had taken no part in the battle, settled in the Free Forest.

Orcs of the Lost Mountains

When the Lost Mountains finally fell to the Orcs and Goblins, it seemed as though, at last, they had found a home. However, it soon became apparent that life under the mountains did not suit the orcs, and unable to leave as the Great Winter set in, they slowly diminished...

Imps of the Abyssal Lake

The Imps inhabit the shores of a vast subterranean lake far beneath the surface of The Lost Mountains. The lakes depth is unknown and it is rumoured to contain many strange species. The imps are a smaller subspecies of goblin that live by fishing the depths of the abyssal lake. Many explorers have tried to gain access via the deepest dwarven passages, few have returned.