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Goblins of the Free Forest

Lead by their Goblin King, Grodan the Wiser, the goblins of the Free Forest rarely trouble the settlements of men. Instead they hunt and gather in the forests and take a 'toll' from those who wish to pass through. Grodan often paces in front of his throne, contemplating the intrusions of men into his domain. Occasionally he turns his mind to his cousins, who aeons ago, marched into the belly of the Lost Mountains, never to return.

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Forest Goblin Deal (x12)

Forest Goblin Deal (x12)£28.80   £24.00

All the classic Forest Goblins from the C1015 range at a fantastic price.

Goblin Commander with Axe

Goblin Commander with Axe£3.00


Goblin King

Goblin King£3.00


Goblin Piper with Bagbipes

Goblin Piper with Bagbipes£3.00


Goblin Shaman

Goblin Shaman£3.00


Goblin Throne

Goblin Throne£4.20

Goblin Throne

Goblin with Bow Drawn

Goblin with Bow Drawn£3.00


Goblin with Bow Lowered

Goblin with Bow Lowered£3.00


Goblin with Goblin Skull Banner

Goblin with Goblin Skull Banner£3.00


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