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From across the glacial wastes, the dwarves are returning to their lost homelands. At first a few brave scouts enter the lost halls, but soon, adventurers and great heroes shall follow. Armies shall be raised, battles will be fought and at last shall come the Vengeance of the Dwarves...

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16 Classic Dwarves

16 Classic Dwarves£38.40   £28.00

All the classic dwarves from the C1008 range at a fantastic price.

Classic Dwarves (any 50 models)

Classic Dwarves (any 50 models)£120.00   £75.00

Choose any 50 models of any of the 16 types available in the classic C1008 Range. Perfect for Army Building!

Dwarf drawing Sword

Dwarf drawing Sword£3.00


Dwarf General

Dwarf General£3.00


Dwarf in Winter Clothing

Dwarf in Winter Clothing£3.00


Dwarf Pointing

Dwarf Pointing£3.00


Dwarf with Axe

Dwarf with Axe£3.00


Dwarf with Bow

Dwarf with Bow£3.00


Dwarf with Crossbow

Dwarf with Crossbow£3.00


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Page 1 of 9:    77 Items

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