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Book of the Dead Card Game

Book of the Dead is a fast-paced co-operative card game for 2-6 players that takes 9 minutes (or less) to play. Players must work together to collect the scattered pages, place them back into the book by matching arcane symbols and close the covers in time to prevent the return of Great Cthulhu. 

Each page of the book of the dead is represented by a double sided poker-sized card (with rounded corners) that feature 1-6 arcane icons. To bring two pages together, the icons must match. On your turn, after you have rolled the dice, you have one action, such as taking a card from the Vortex (the central pool of cards in the table), adding your 'stack' of cards to the book and finally, if able, to close the book and win the game.

This is Midlam Miniature's first published card game, which was successfully Kickstarted in 2020.  Click on the game below for more details and an introductory video.

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Book of the Dead

Book of the Dead£15.00

BOTD Card Game

Extra Dice for the Book of the Dead

Extra Dice for the Book of the Dead£2.00


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