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Creatures of the Caverns

In the depths of the Lost Mountains, a strange and unique ecosystem exists, where primordial creatures rule an abandoned world.  As well as the ever-present Stalagbite, there are other even more dangerous creatures such as the Creeping Jeeper and Red Hook Horror. As the dwarves push deeper, stranger creatures yet may be found...


In the deepest, darkest caverns, that even the goblins know not to tread, there dwells a primordial beast that blends in amidst the stalagmites and stalagbites.  Revealing themselves only when their prey comes close enough to take a bite out them... They are the Stalagbites!

Creeping Jeepers

The Creeping Jeepers are giant flatworm-like creatures, which silently slither forth from their damp slimy caves to feed.  Once they have seized their prey, they hold them fast, all the better to slowly digest them alive!  Creeping Jeepers have been known to consume anything up to the size of a plump pony!

Red Hook Horrors

The Red Hook Horrors are protoplasmic creatures which live in the lower caverns of the Lost Mountains. These monstrous beings use their large beaks to pierce their prey and suck out their juicy innards. Upon a pulpy base of tentacles they can slither along at a surprising pace towards their prey...

Mimic and Breadbasket Fungus

Many and varied are the horrors of the world of Alberon. Some lurk in caves and the depths of mountains, others are abroad only at night, while some inhabit the dark forests, marshes and distant unknowable lands, and are thankfully only encountered in songs and tales.

Nightmare Creatures

Hybrid beasts and creatures in the guise of nightmares lurk within the caverns.  For what deranged purpose these creatures were formed, no one knows for sure, for alas they cannot speak and as such cannot condemn their own creator.