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About Midlam Miniatures

What is Midlam Miniatures?

Midlam Miniatures brings together the best of classic and new miniatures in a new line which will build to eventually populate the town of Midlam, the Lost Mountains and the world of Alberon.

Who is Midlam Miniatures?

Midlam Miniatures is a general partnership run by Paul and Gary Scott.

Our Miniatures

Please note that some miniatures come with integral metal bases, while  some come with tabs and are supplied with plastic bases.  You should also be aware that miniatures are not toys, they are supplied unpainted and some models require assembly.  Models are best prepared with care (and supervision) with a craft knife and needle file before undercoating and painting with model acrylic paints and varnishing to protect models during games.   All miniatures are © Paul Scott 2013-21.

CAUTION:  Miniatures may contain LEAD (and other metals) to varying degrees and are not suitable for Children under 15 years of age. 

How do I Buy Midlam Miniatures?

Midlam Miniatures are available through this site, through a secure shopping system that uses PayPal.  You do not have to have a PayPal account to use it.


If you have any suggestion/requests for new miniatures then please get in touch via the Contact Us page and we'll let you know if or when it would fit into our release schedule.  Bear in mind that even the smallest miniature involves a large investment of time and money.


As far as scale goes, all the new miniatures fit comfortably with a non-heroic 28mm scale.  Most of the older models (the old Metal Magic range) are slightly on the short side, but fit comfortably within normal human variance and don't look wildly out of place.  Eventually all models will have their height included in the description for you to make your own mind up about them.

Wargames Shows and Events

We are currently not attending events but hope to do so in the future.


We'll post comments from our customers as we receive them.

Greg:  "I just received the Stalagbites today. Totally cool! They did not disappoint. I plan on ordering more."  (10/06/13)

Art: "The order showed yesterday and the minis are awesome!  You will be getting more of my business. 8^)"  (15/05/13)

Paul:  "I would like to say a HUGE thank you for taking the time to play/ show us around 'Stalagbite'. We absolutely loved it! Upon arriving home, I managed to talk my wife into playing a game (she doesn't do gaming at all) and she absolutely loved it too! She also thrashed me ... I'm not a bad loser but next time she is only getting to play with one dice!!!!) (12/05/13)

Greg Gillespie, author of Barrowmaze: "The goblin miniatures are wonderful! They are full of character and perfect for old school gaming." (8/3/13)

Christian: "I just received your miniatures. Let me say: Both thumbs up, I really like them a lot!! Looking forward to your new creations."  (15/01/13)