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Human Adventurers

Any number of strange people pass through Midlam, from the local villagers, to the merchants of the great Northern trade route and their bodyguard. Here you will find, bards, barbarians, halflings, thieves, rangers and fighting people.  Tread warily, stranger...

Mages and Mystics

There are many wise men, women, sages, mages and mystics, who travel the lonely and dangerous roads to Midlam.  Some hope to offer their services to nobles and people during the Great Summer Fair, while others seek esoteric artefacts, arcane knowledge and ancient truths... 


Many strange and unusual folk visit  Midlam via river or road.  They seek trade, to discover great treasures, hunt down bitter enemies or simply to lose themselves.   Some may even choose to visit Midlam Manor, to seek counsel with the Baron, only to find even greater dangers await them in his great hall...

Knights and Paladins

Whether they are roaming the Sundered Lands on noble quests, jousting for honour and fame in the tournaments, rescuing fair maids from foul beasts, entering battle or seeing to unruly peasants, this varied selection of knights will do thy bidding, sire!  Just be sure that they are well paid for their loyalty...

Bards and Musicians

From the smallest rural hovel, to the great keeps of the feudal lords, music forms the chief form of entertainment.  While many can turn their hand to a tune, specialist travelling musicians known as bards wander from town to town, bringing tales of distant lands and the latest events.  The greater nobles even have their own professional musicians to play for them and compose ballads of their great deeds.

Arabian Nights

From distant lands, exotic travellers arrive in Midlam following the great trade routes that span Alberon.  As well as traders and strange beasts of burden, mystics, magic and strange tales follow in their wake.


There are those who find no solace or refuge in the great cities of this broken empire.  They have no love of the crowds of people, nor the shuttered cages they live in.  Instead, their home is the great expanse of untamed wilderness that lies beyond.  Some serve patrons, gathering news or passing on messages, others call none their master, and answer only to the elements.  They are rangers.

Thieves and Robbers

As the great wealth of the northern trade route passes through Midlam, so everyone is keen to take their cut, from the traders and merchant guilds, to the great Lord of Midlam, himself.  Yet, the trade caravans bring greater opportunity still to those who choose to make their coin quickly and without care to the laws of the land.  They are thieves, and they are a plague upon Midlam and all great cities and towns.


From the desolate lands, north of Vortlund, they come, with brutal weapons and scorn for those whose love of civilisation has made them weak and soft.  They come south to Vortlund and east to Nordlund, to attack the northern cities and trade routes in order to reap their blood harvest.  They are barbarians.

Clerics and Priests

The great Midlam Cathedral is home to many faiths who worship within across 12 days of the week.  On the 13th day, prayer is said to Alberon, the source of everything.  And yet, across the city in small churches and by street shrines, countless other religions and beliefs vie for the souls of its inhabitants.  To all come clerics and priests, who preach the faith and do the work of their gods.  Where others may falter, they are determined and sure.