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Clerics and Priests

The great Midlam Cathedral is home to many faiths who worship within across 12 days of the week.  On the 13th day, prayer is said to Alberon, the source of everything.  And yet, across the city in small churches and by street shrines, countless other religions and beliefs vie for the souls of its inhabitants.  To all come clerics and priests, who preach the faith and do the work of their gods.  Where others may falter, they are determined and sure.

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Armoured Cleric with Club

Armoured Cleric with Club£3.00


Cleric reading Book

Cleric reading Book£3.00


Cleric with Hammer and Wooden Peg

Cleric with Hammer and Wooden Peg£3.00


Cleric with Mace and Book

Cleric with Mace and Book£3.00


Cleric with Staff

Cleric with Staff£3.00


Female Cleric attacking with Club

Female Cleric attacking with Club£3.00


Female Cleric with Book

Female Cleric with Book£3.00


Female Cleric with Fighting Staff

Female Cleric with Fighting Staff£3.00


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Page 1 of 2:    12 Items