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Friday, 22 January 2021  |  Admin

New Kickstarter Announcement 

Midlam Miniatures are pleased to announce the a new Kickstarter 'Bloody Peasants'. A selection of human and halfling farmers in 28mm scale miniatures for all of your fantasy games!


Hobgoblin Raiding Party I & II plus a previously unreleased Hobgoblin!

Merchant caravans pass through Midlam, from the Western Kingdoms and onto the Eastern ports.  Their trade is the lifeblood of Midlam, bringing wealth, spices and knowledge.  But to reach Midlam, the caravans must first pass through the Western Wastelands. These stark, inhospitable lands have many dangers. The most feared however, are the Hobgobln Raiding Parties...

Unreleased Hobgoblin (Skrasha Molok)

Due to a technical issue this fantastically fierce Hobgoblin never made into either raiding party, however she is now available to raid any passing caravans!


Hobgoblin Raiding Party I

Hobgoblin Raiding Party II


New Releases this week includes all our Hobgoblin Kickstarters plus the previously unreleased Hobgoblin miniature Skrasha Molok!


The Baron of Midlam


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Barbarian shooting Bow

Barbarian shooting Bow£3.00


Wooden Doorway

Wooden Doorway£3.00


Female Cleric with Fighting Staff

Female Cleric with Fighting Staff£3.00


Large Brazier

Large Brazier£3.00


Ranger with Sword

Ranger with Sword£3.00


Thief with Dagger & Lantern

Thief with Dagger & Lantern£3.00