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Siege and Scenery

From weapons of war, to dungeon doors, there is much more to the world of Alberon than the people that inhabit it.


Whether you are entering the Dungeon Deep, or the busy trading city of Mildam, the scene must be set!  To this end, you will find all manner of indispensable items.  Doorways, many and terrible, chests filled with the hope of treasure and wishing wells to slake thirst or bring luck...


As the great city states of the Sundered Lands go to war, engines of destruction are built to destroy the strongholds of the enemy.  Siege engines are an essential part of the the struggle for power, able to break the sturdiest of defences.


Although weapons are, by law, restricted on the streets of Midlam to noblemen and the watch, travellers beyond the city gates, are advised to carry whatever arms they can, for the road is a dangerous place.  Beyond the road, you will also need more than a little luck...