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Friday, 8 November 2019  |  Admin

This weekend is the UK Dragon Dice tournament! 

While this is taking place, the webshop will not be selling online any Dragon Dice to ensure sufficient stock is available for the event. Normal service will resume next week!

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Imp with Staff and Basket

Imp with Staff and Basket£3.00


Barbarian with two Swords

Barbarian with two Swords£3.00


Ranger with Bow and Sword

Ranger with Bow and Sword£3.00


Wizard with Magic Crystal

Wizard with Magic Crystal£3.00


6x Red (six-sided) Dice - 16mm

6x Red (six-sided) Dice - 16mm£1.00

6 x 16MM Red Dice (six-sided)

Fat Thief with Sword

Fat Thief with Sword£3.00