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There are the common free thinking peoples that inhabit Alberon, that build great civilisations, create beautiful works of art and go to war.  Then there are the beasts, of all description, quirk and manner who inhabit the wild places, and kill only when hungry and abide with nature.  But between these, lie a number of strange folk, somewhat akin to beasts, yet having all the faculties of the wise races.  These creatures, the beastmen, tread a lonely path between the two...

Boar Men

There is something especially disquieting about the Boar Man, that pig-like beastman, for in many ways, they are perhaps the most human of all the beastmen.  They are aggressive, omnivorous, and tenacious, with an outer appearance which belies their intelligence.

Ram Men

While their diet is chiefly vegetarian, you should not confuse the Ram Men with the passive sheep of the fields.  Indeed, this stubborn and fierce people are quick to defend their tribe herds from interference by man, which is a common feature of their lives, hence they are largely nomadic.


Deep beneath the Lost Mountains, there comes the heavy metal sound of tireless toil in the forges of the giant Minotaur Lords. Once slaves, they have carved out their own labyrinthine realm deep within the mountain. These gigantic beings are not to be trifled with, especially within their own mazes, for few that enter the Realm of the Minotaur Lords will ever leave...

Green Men

Whether they were created long ago by the gods themselves or are under the curse of a malevolent power,  there are rumours of men who have upon themselves the aspect of the Forest. With bark for skin, leaves and vines for hair, they roam the deepest parts of the Free Forest.

Dragon Folk

Many have heard the legendary tales told of the Dragon Folk, said to dwell far to the west of Midlam, across the great wasteland. They are said to be kin to the great wyrms themselves and their intelligence is held to be as fierce and deadly as their weapon craft.  

Fish Men

Once content in their underwater cities, the peaceful fish folk now find themselves bound to the Kraken Cult, forced to leave the seas and serve as their brutal enforcers. They wear bulky armour to protect their soft skins, and although they are not encumbered by the weight of their armour, they pad it with cloth, soaked in seawater.