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Bards and Musicians

From the smallest rural hovel, to the great keeps of the feudal lords, music forms the chief form of entertainment.  While many can turn their hand to a tune, specialist travelling musicians known as bards wander from town to town, bringing tales of distant lands and the latest events.  The greater nobles even have their own professional musicians to play for them and compose ballads of their great deeds.

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Bard with Harp

Bard with Harp£3.00


Bard with Lute

Bard with Lute£3.00


Bard with Lute and Sword

Bard with Lute and Sword£3.00


Bard with Sword and Harp

Bard with Sword and Harp£3.00


Female Bard with Lute

Female Bard with Lute£3.00


Lady with Harp

Lady with Harp£3.00


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