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Vallejo Game Color

Vallejo Game Color
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Game Color: 72-001 Dead WhiteGame Color: 72-003 Pale FleshGame Color: 72-004 Elf SkintoneGame Color: 72-005 Moon Yellow
Game Color: 72-006 Sun YellowGame Color: 72-007 Gold YellowGame Color: 72-008 Orange FireGame Color: 72-009 Hot Orange
Game Color: 72-010 Bloody RedGame Color: 72-011 Gory RedGame Color: 72-012 Scarlett RedGame Color: 72-013 Squid Pink
Game Color: 72-014 Warlord PurpleGame Color: 72-015 Hexed LichenGame Color: 72-016 Royal PurpleGame Color: 72-019 Night Blue
Game Color: 72-020 Imperial BlueGame Color: 72-021 Magic BlueGame Color: 72-022 Ultramarine BlueGame Color: 72-023 Electric Blue
Game Color: 72-024 TurquoiseGame Color: 72-025 Foul GreenGame Color: 72-026 Jade GreenGame Color: 72-027 Scurvy Green
Game Color: 72-028 Dark GreenGame Color: 72-029 Sick GreenGame Color: 72-030 Goblin GreenGame Color: 72-031 Camouflage Green
Game Color: 72-032 Escorpena GreenGame Color: 72-034 BonewhiteGame Color: 72-035 Dead FleshGame Color: 72-036 Bronze Fleshtone
Game Color: 72-038 Scrofulous BrownGame Color: 72-039 Plague BrownGame Color: 72-040 Leather BrownGame Color: 72-042 Parasite Brown
Game Color: 72-043 Beasty BrownGame Color: 72-044 Dark FleshtoneGame Color: 72-045 Charred BrownGame Color: 72-047 Wolf Grey
Game Color: 72-048 Sombre GreyGame Color: 72-049 Stonewall GreyGame Color: 72-050 Cold GreyGame Color: 72-051 Black
Game Color: 72-052 SilverGame Color: 72-053 Chainmail SilverGame Color: 72-054 GunmetalGame Color: 72-055 Polished Gold
Game Color: 72-056 Glorious GoldGame Color: 72-057 Bright BronzeGame Color: 72-058 Brassy BrassGame Color: 72-059 Hammered Copper
Game Color: 72-060 Tinny TinGame Color: 72-061 KhakiGame Color: 72-062 EarthGame Color: 72-063 Desert Yellow
Game Color: 72-066 TanGame Color: 72-067 Cayman GreenGame Color: 72-068 Smokey Ink
Our Price:  £2.40(Inc. 20% VAT)(£2.00 Exc. VAT)
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Model:  Vallejo-GC-72-005

Game Color is a special selection of fine waterbased acrylic colours maunfactured with a special resin and permanent pigments for miniatures figures in fantasy and war games.

This compact range has been especially developed to contain all the frequently used colours in fantasy figures, in a formula particularly designed for adherence on plastics and metals, using a new resin of unequalled durability and resistance to scrapes and abrasion. Colours brush on easily and smoothly, and dry to an opaque, matte finish. Their finely ground texture makes them perfect for the most miniature details as well as for large surfaces. They are highly pigmented, light fast and waterproof once dry. Errors can be corrected immediately with water or a small amount of alcohol.

Presentation: Game Color are presented in a 17 ml. bottle with eyedropper. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container.

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