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It is not only the living you must be wary of in Midlam, for even those long dead can still cause you harm.  On the Deaodag, as Autumn comes to an end, it is said that the borders between life and death become worn, and that it is possible for the dead to return to their long abandoned bodies.  Many a family may hear the knock on their door of a dead relative, and beneath the city, in the stretching catacombs, bones shift in their long sleep...

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Liche Lord

Liche Lord£2.50


Skeleton Army Deal (any 50 models)

Skeleton Army Deal (any 50 models)£120.00   £90.00

Choose any 50 models of any of the 12 types available in the classic C1036 Range.

Skeleton Army Deal (x12)

Skeleton Army Deal (x12)£28.80   £24.00

All the classic Skeletons from the C1036 range at a fantastic price.

Skeleton Axeman

Skeleton Axeman£2.50


Skeleton Bowman

Skeleton Bowman£2.50


Skeleton Champion

Skeleton Champion£2.50


Skeleton Great Sword

Skeleton Great Sword£2.50


Skeleton Guard

Skeleton Guard£2.50


Skeleton Musician

Skeleton Musician£2.50


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