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The Graveyard

From the crypts of long dead nobles in private cemeteries to the vast catacombs beneath the city and the pauper's graveyards outside the city’s walls, the dead have their place, as do the living.  There are those that would disturb such places, in order to retrieve grave goods and other valuables from sarcophagi, catacomb alcoves and graves.  But those that undertake such desecration, take heed, for once the dead are disturbed, they do not easily return to rest...

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Ladyís Sarcophagus

Ladyís Sarcophagus£6.00


Lord and Ladyís Sarcophagi

Lord and Ladyís Sarcophagi£10.00

Contains models C1018L and C1018M

Lordís Sarcophagus

Lordís Sarcophagus£6.00


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