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Stalagbite! Miniatures Game

Second Edition is Currently Sold Out  - Work on the 3rd Third Edition is Currently Underway


We have sold out of our copies of 2nd Edition Stalagbite, and are not planning to make any more, mainly because it is a very labour intensive process to hand-make the games, which as usual was done by us purely because it was something we wanted to do.  We also were working on some Expansion material in 2018, but in the end, that lead to a realisation that a 3rd Edition, would support the changes we felt the game needed to be more fulfilling!   The third edition of the game which we are currently working on, is tentatively planned to launch as a modest Kickstarter in 2021.

Our plan is to move away from MDF laser cut boards, to fully printed boards. This was novel when we started, quaint come 2nd edition and looks positively archaic now.  We are also updating the combat system, so it works in a similar way, just much faster and easy to reckon.  The Goblin Hunting Party element of the game has been much improved and we hope to improve the campaign system too.

We are generally going a little deeper into the caverns in every respect.  If you have any thoughts on the game, or want you might want in it, you can e-mail us your thoughts.

Stalagbite History

The first edition of the game was published by Midlam Miniatures/Rathbone Games in 2012 and came in a bag similar to other games in the line such as 54 Jones, Joel of the Island Men and Wrath of the Volcano God.  Midlam Miniatures produced a small boxed 1st Edition, alongside three boxed expansions - Creeping Jeepers, Red Hook Horrors and The Dwarf King's Court, some of which made their way into the small boxed 2nd Edition.  This was then followed by an identical edition in a bigger (A5) box. 

We demonstrated the game all over the country at games shows and built up a small but loyal following.  We have also produced Stalagbite and other monster miniatures for the game.

Stalagbite - The Quest for Gold and Glory - 2nd Edition (SOLD OUT)

Ready your axe, comrade, as we descend into the depths of the Lost Mountains, where treasure and horror awaits! As well as the main game Stalagbite! There is a number of expansions and miniatures available to help bolster your numbers.

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Stalagbite! 2nd Edition

Stalagbite! 2nd Edition£20.00


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