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Welcome to the range of Midlam Miniatures, a range of new and classic  miniatures for all 25/28mm fantasy games.   Over the coming months and years we shall populate Midlam, and the world that lies beyond, with a host of characters and scenery. 

Please note that some miniatures come with integral metal bases, while  some come with tabs and are supplied with plastic bases.  You should also be aware that miniatures are not toys, they are supplied unpainted and some models require assembly.  Models are best prepared with care (and supervision) with a craft knife and needle file before undercoating and painting with model acrylic paints and varnishing to protect models during games.   All miniatures are © Paul Scott 2013.

CAUTION:  Miniatures contain LEAD (and other metals) to varying degrees and are not suitable for Children under 15 years of age.