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Wrath of the Volcano God!

Wrath of the Volcano God!
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Game Details

Playing Time - Approx 60 minutes.

Age Range - Suitable for 12 years and up.

Players - 2-6 players

Game Contents

Rulebook, 1 Board, 72 Magma/Lava Tokens, 36 Idols, 6 Crabs, 12 Lizards, 1 Turn Talisman, 36 Gold Tokens, 42 Food Tokens (144 points worth) , 3 Fiery dice (or D6), representing the will of the Volcano God., 12 Tribespeople counters x 6 colours, 6 Tribe Sheets (including brief rules).

The timeless distant mist-shrouded isle of “Aya-ooya!” is marked on no maps, and its location is known to but a few neighbouring island peoples. To them it is simply known as ‘The Isle of the Volcano God’ .

On Aya-ooya! The people live, as they have done since time began, in perfect (if somewhat perilous) harmony with their environment. There are six main tribes on the island, each with their own land and traditions, and all competing for the resources and the respect of the Volcano God.

Players on their turn must tend to their needs of their tribe, as well as paying appropriate homage to the Volcano God. The winner shall be the player who’s tribe escapes most unscathed from the apocalyptic ‘Wrath of the Volcano God!’


The board represents Aya-ooya! also known as The Isle of the Volcano God which is separated into six numbered segments, know as lands. Each land (from edge to centre) consists of shore, light forest, deep forest, lower, mid and upper mountain slopes and terminates at the Mouth of the Volcano God. The borderlands, exist in two lands simultaneously.  Also printed on the board is the Heart of the Volcano God where unclaimed lava tokens accumulate and the wheel of sacrifice, where sacrifices are recorded for each tribe.

Object of the Game
Each player must manage their tribe, gather food, prospect for gold, build idols, increase their population and protect their lands from attack while trying to appease The Volcano God! before his apocalyptic wrath ensues!

Once the wrath has begun, each tribe must use the influence they have won through the game, to cause the Volcano God to destroy their enemies.  The winner is the player or independent tribe who has scored the most points. They are the true children of the Volcano God!

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