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Dragon Dice (UK)

Dragon Dice™ is a highly-successful game that premiered in 1995 and still enjoys a strong, loyal following 20 years later.  Not only do we stock and sell Dragon Dice, but we also play it and promote it too, such is our love for the game.  It is a really fun game of both strategy and luck, suitable for 2 or more players.

Currently there are limited number of Undead/Feral Starter packs available, as well as a pre-release version of the upcoming Firewalker/Treefolk starter, which contains even more dice (equivalent to four kicker packs, plus terrains and dragons).  This pack does not contain any rules, but they can be downloaded from the SFR website.

If you wish to order any Dragon Dice that we don't have in stock, please contact us and we will try to restock those items as soon as possible.

At this time the products in this category are only available for delivery within the United Kingdom. 

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Dragon Dice Kicker - Lava Elves

Dragon Dice Kicker - Lava Elves£9.50


Dragon Dice Kicker - Swampstalker

Dragon Dice Kicker - Swampstalker£9.50


Dragon Dice Kicker - Treefolk

Dragon Dice Kicker - Treefolk£9.50


Dragon Dice Kicker - Undead

Dragon Dice Kicker - Undead£9.50


Dragon Dice Playmat (2018) - Death

Dragon Dice Playmat (2018) - Death£18.00


Dragon Dice Playmat (2018) - Fire

Dragon Dice Playmat (2018) - Fire£20.00


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Page 5 of 7:    55 Items