The Wrath of the Volcano God Returns!

3 March 2013  |  Admin

Imported from the distant volcanic isle of Ayaooya, we have discovered in our warehouse, 6 copies of the board game Wrath of the Volcano God!  Previously out of print...

The Volcano God is Angry...

And that's on a good day.  Wrath the Volcano is a fun low-budget strategy board game where you try to build and manage your tribe, hunt and gather food, build idols, and most importantly of all try and win favour with the Volcano God, before his terrible wrath threatens to burn your village to the ground.

For more details see the Wrath of the Volcano God! page

If you didn't know we make games.... we do...

As well as our ever-popular Stalagbite game, we have a number of boardgames, previously published by Rathbone Games.  We hope to be bringing more of these out again soon, some of them in new revised editions.  Keep your eyes peeled, and keep up the human sacrifice!


All the best

Paul von Scott

Midlam Miniatures