The Halfling City Guard - Available to Order!

29 June 2024  |  Admin

The Halfling City Guard - Available to Order!

Midlam, the furthest north of the great trading cities, is beset by many threats, To the North, is the wintery and hostile Lost Mountains and the spawning ground of abominations that is the Great Wastelands to the West.  To the East, lies strange and inhospitable terrain and beyond that the fear-haunted realm of Amerlund.  To the South, Lord Wulfric schemes and plots.  Cults, brigands, assassins, beggars, thieves and more proliferate within the city.

To this end, the Baron has put the call out for reinforcements to the City Guard, and that call has been answered from Halftown, and new halfling recruits are being put through their paces.  In truth, the Baron isn't entirely sure what to do with them, but they have heart and mean well.  For the moment he has deployed them to the Otherling Quarter of the city, where the halflings, despite their small stature, are respected by all.

We have made the miniatures from our 46th Kickstarter available to order directly from our website! Thank you to all of our Kickstarter Backers!

 You can find details of the Kickstarter here or buy them from our webstore here.

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