Village Peasants - Available to Order!

16 February 2024  |  Admin

Village Peasants - Available to Order!

"Oh no!  It's an armed agrarian uprising!"

Toiling in the fields for their feudal overlords, the peasants are equally quick to turn their tools to defending their lands from monstrous invaders or, when pressed to the limit, revolting and overturning cruel and greedy landowners.

A selection of human farmers in 28mm scale miniatures for all of your fantasy games. These are the human counterparts to our previously released halfling peasants range.

We have made the miniatures from our 28th Kickstarter available to order directly from our website! Thank you to all of our Kickstarter Backers!

We also have a pack of Wheatsheaves that are part of the range:


 You can find details of the Kickstarter here or buy them from our webstore here.

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