To the Mummy's Tomb (A Halfling Expedition) - Available to Order

28 January 2022  |  Admin

A Halfling Expedition - To the Mummy's Tomb!

Fomo Barrowblight descended slowly from the rope into the ancient tomb.  Below, glinting in the darkness, he spied glazed cakes and sweet pastries that had lain untouched for millennia, perfectly preserved in the cool larder tombs of the Ancient Kings of the Southlands. 

As he touched the sandy floor, he marveled at the wonderful things that surrounded him.  His eyes fixed on a magnificent pie, and he felt his stomach rumble.  Lifting the pie aloft, he was about to take a bite when he heard the rattle of some ancient mechanism.

Gates lifted, and from the shadowed darkness, figures shambled forth...

We have made the miniatures from our 29th Kickstarter Miniatures available to order directly from our website! Thank you to all of our Kickstarter Backers!


 You can find details of the Kickstarter here or buy them from our webstore here.

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