Sisters of the kraken Cult

20 May 2021  |  Admin

Our Latest Kickstarter - Sisters of the Kraken Cult

With many of the Kraken Cult adrift and scattered across dimensions seeking new ways for their master to gain entry to the world of Alberon, perhaps fated never to return, it is left to the Sisters of the Kraken Cult, a female-only sect dedicated to the Kraken Lord, to maintain their cult's grip on the very real and tangible world of Alberon.

They have taken command of the remaining and somewhat fragmented Kraken Cult, and tried to rally them against purges the have been taking place in the great cities. Armed groups have even tried to retake Bleakpool, the coastal town once known as Whitport.  But the Sisters have brought in strange new allies to assist them...

We also have a stretch goal ongoing at the moment for cult in the form of Krisis and the project ends this Sunday at 1pm BST.

The Fish Folk

The Sisters have called upon the fish folk from the depths of the seas to aid them. Once content in their underwater cities, the peaceful fish folk now find themselves bound to the Kraken Cult, forced to leave the seas and serve as their brutal enforcers. They wear bulky armour to protect their soft skins, and although they are not encumbered by the weight of their armour, they pad it with cloth, soaked in seawater.

There are Eight optional Fish Folk to serve as enforcers for your Kraken Cult raids.

The Future of the Cult

We have some exciting plans for the Kraken Cult, so if this projects is successful expect to see more weird and wonderful additions to the cult.


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