Senior and Junior Plague Doctors

13 August 2021  |  Admin

Senior and Junior Plague Doctors

Plague doctors are an unwelcome sight to both the sick and healthy.  Their role is to manage the plague, and in truth, they rarely have a cure, and often don't understand the disease or how it spreads.  But they have authority to burn private property, quarantine even seemingly healthy individuals, prevent people leaving the city, board the sick up alive in their own houses, exact fines and worse punishments still.    Many have been hailed as charlatans whilst a few notable exceptions have genuine cures for afflictions. The jury is out on the ground-breaking medical research that discovered the benefits of a single leach on the left kneecap, though in truth it seems more effective than the inferior older method of placing a frog on the right kneecap.

New releases this week include two Plague Doctors for your Fantasy gaming.


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