Procession of the Plague Cult - Available to Order

19 July 2019  |  Admin

Midlam Miniatures are pleased to announce the miniatures from the Kickstarter 'Procession of the Plague Cult' are now available to order from our webstore



How they entered the city, none can say, but as the Procession solemnly march though the streets of Midlam, bearing torches and chanting, windows are shuttered and doors bolted. Even the authorities are loathe to approach them, for they appear to be untouchables, and as such, potentially ravaged by contagious disease.  With their ragged robes and unpleasant demeanour, they preach of the coming of the ends times, occasionally lapsing into unintelligible gibberish.

The Baron's agents keep a wary eye on them, while the Wizards' College mutter and cast divining spells.  For once thing is sure, no good can come of their presence...

Many thanks to all our Kickstarter backers. You can find details on the Kickstarter page or find them on our webstore.

The High Wizard - Midlam School of Magical Arts

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