Oh Mummy!

26 February 2021  |  Admin

Oh My Mummy!

In the Lost Mountains the dwarves have many different burial customs from those great heroes buried in sarcophagi in the depths of the mountains, to the ancient Kings who were interred in lava tubes, that they would become part of the very mountains themselves and the criminals whose bodies were burned atop the mountains so that their souls would be dispersed on the winds, never to return.  For many however, mummification in the frigid environments of the upper reaches of the mountains is the norm, where their bodies become desiccated.  These mummies will rest for an eternity, unless the unwary and unwelcome try to enter the mountains.  The dead do not like to be disturbed, so tread lightly, thieves!

New Releases this week include four Dwarven Mummies. 


The Baron of Midlam