Newsletter Submissions and Hobgoblin Raiding Party Volume Two

26 August 2020  |  Admin

Newsletter Submissions, Issues 1 and 2

We have revived the newsletter project we started two years ago.  Some of you who have ordered from our website, may have received a small rat-catcher themed comic strip, based around Gunther Grimm, our marvellously weird rat-catcher model.  This was part of a planned  newsletter, that was only half completed, but as often happens to us, things got busy and we had to put it to one side.  We later released the part we did do, as it worked on its own.  However, we are now trying to finish it, as we have an article with one of our favourite sculptors, Josef Ochmann which will form a large part of our second newsletter.

If anyone wants to send us any comments or pictures concerning our rat-catchers (there have been three - human, goblin and a halfling rat-catcher  (which is yet to be released on the site, but was part of a previous kickstarter), our our Gigantic, Great or Giant Rats.

If you also have anything to say about the master sculptor Josef Ochmann, we will take any comments or pictures relating to him as well for issue 2!

Both newsletters will be available with orders from our website.

Last Week of Hobgoblin Volume Two Kickstarter

We have also added a stretch goal for our Hobgoblin Kickstarter, which is a female hobgoblin Shaman, Mreena Khul.  It's a lovely miniature, and we are painfully close to making our stretch goal, so if you want to bother your adventurers with more hobgoblins, please take a look!

Hobgoblin Raiding Party Volume Two Kickstarter 


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