Celebrating 2 weeks of Midlam Miniatures Live!

14 January 2013  |  Admin

Here at Midlam Miniatures we celebrate 2 weeks since Midlam went live!  Since then we've been visited by gaming fans from all over the world, and at least one person/thing from Alpha Centauri (we regret we do not yet post to Alpha Centauri, although you can collect, if you come in peace).

The website is still being updated with the height of each miniature, and we have an excellent painter, Paul Sanderson, who is making our miniatures look extra lovely for the website.  But we know we're probably missing a few things you'd like.

So we're inviting people to contact us and let us know what they think.  Whether you think we need more pictures, descriptions or other information etc. you can contact us via the button above.

All the best

Paul von Scott

Midlam Miniatures