July New Releases!

19 July 2013  |  Admin

We have a lot of miniatures to release over the following 12 months, and it begins here...

Goblins, Sir, at least 12!

We are very pleased to have the superb goblins of the free forest for sale, 12 superb miniatures sculpted by Josef Ochmann, along with a suitably impressive goblin throne (in Orcs and Goblins).

Joining the ranks of the undead, we have our Liche Lord (in Dead and Undead).

For all wizards and astrologer's out there, we have our telescope, globe and astrolabe set (in Scenery).

We have all manner of cartwheels if your vehicle breaks down on the road to Midlam (in Scenery).

We also have a new pack pony and mule (with integral packs) for all your expeditions (in Animals).

And In August...

We will have 20 Orcs of the Lost Mountains for sale, wielding all sorts of 'orrible weapons.


All the best

Paul von Scott

Midlam Miniatures