More Mega Mini Metal Magic Miniatures

2 June 2013  |  Admin

We are expecting near to 200 miniatures over the next year from our friend, Johnny Lauck over at MegaMinis, making us the biggest retailer of the old Metal Magic fantasy line.

Not only that, but we're committed to expanding the ranges and adding new lines as well.

The first figures will be goblins from the Far Woods, which are a sort of rural cousin to our goblins of the Lost Mountains, including the Goblin King and his throne.

There are also some scenery pieces to compliment our rapidly expanding fantasy scenery range (plus there are brand new scenery models at the casters right now) as well as a pack horse and mule, to compliment our beautiful pack ponies and surly camel™.

These models should appear in our store in July, once they have made their way across the Atlantic.

We are slowly but surely building the world of Midlam and populating it with all manner of fantastic people, and we hope we can have your support to make it a truly fantastic world.

All the best

Paul von Scott

Midlam Miniatures