The St. George's Day Massacre! (UPDATED)

23 April 2013  |  Admin

To celebrate St George's Day, we're offering special deals on some of our most fearsome dwarven and knight dragonslayers...

The St. George's Day Massacre!

We're very fond of our range of classic dwarves, sculpted by Josef Ochmann, and we've come up with two deals that'll help to swell the ranks beneath your dwarven banner.

Dwarven Deal 1

All 16 models from the classic C1008 Range for £24, a saving of £8!

Dwarven Deal 2

Choose 50 models from the 16 different types available to bulk out your army for £62.50, a saving of £37.50!

Knight Deal

All 10 Knights from the C1050 range, plus 2 of each horse for £40, a saving of £11.50!


All three deals can be found in the Miniature Catagory: Dwarves or Knights (or Latest Releases).


All the best

Paul von Scott

Midlam Miniatures