New Kickstarter - Raiders of the Kraken Cult!

25 November 2022  |  Admin

New Kickstarter - Raiders of the Kraken Cult!

Scattered across the endless dimensions of infinity, the Kraken Cult members have sought out new weapons to bring a new impetus on their assault on Midlam. From a world, remote in time and space, a place of vast cities and environmental devastation, the cultists have returned with their deadly cargo.

They bring with them mysterious, and possibly unstable, weapons and devices, with the power of ever burning flame, instant noisome death and fire and calamity. There is also another weapon, its secrets currently guarded!

Raiders of the Kraken Cult!

The Kraken Cult returns with weapons from another dimension in a set of 9 miniatures in 28mm scale for all your pulp and fantasy games!  It has also opened a bridge to a world, worryingly like our own, where it can find a new foothold.

The project has been launched on the 25th November 2022 and the ends on the Sunday, December 4th.

Thank you for your support! For more information, click <here>


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