New Kickstarter - Wizards' Apprentices Volume II

25 April 2022  |  Admin

New Kickstarter - New Kickstarter - Wizards' Apprentices Volume II

The year is 22022AE and the ancient Wizards' College of Midlam is scandalised by the admittance of female candidates for the first time at the request of the Baron of Midlam and the Wizard Gudgrief!  That is to say some of the older wizards are scandalised, and most other people don't see what the fuss is all about. 

How will they perform? Who is their mysterious tutor, the Wizard Haxhem?  Where did she come from?  How does she know the Baron of Midlam and why did he sponsor her to join the magical college?  What are her qualifications, her hobbies and opinions on newt-based magic?  Some of these questions might be answered!

Welcome to our latest Kickstarter where we introduce a series of 7 female wizards, and you can also add the miniatures from our first Kickstarter project which featured Wizards Apprentices from the Class of 22016AE.

The project ends on Sunday, May 8 2022 1:00 PM BST. Thank you for your support.


The High Wizard of Midlam