Middlesborough and Retford

17 March 2013  |  Admin

Show time once more, and we'll be hitching our cart to our ponies and heading for Call to Muster in Middlesborough this Saturday and Cannon in Retford on the Sunday.

March Madness

Well, these will be our last two shows until May, so be sure to come along to see what we have on offer.  We are regulars at the Smoggycon event at Middlesborough and hope that Call to Muster becomes a regular fixture on the wargames circuit, being from the team that brought us the much missed Stockton Show.  We hope they've put a plaque up where the old sports centre was at Norton!

Equally, we're looking forward to Cannon, and we'll report back on what that was like.

Thank you Dumfries!

We had a great day in Dumfries at Albanich on the 9th, and thank you to everyone who came over for a chat and bought some miniatures from us.  The show had a nice feel to it and there were some great participation games.  We hope to be back next year,especially as it's one of the nearest shows to us! 


All the best

Paul von Scott

Midlam Miniatures