They got the Dwarf!

26 November 2020  |  Admin

"They got the Dwarf!"

Dwarves may be amongst the toughest, sturdiest and most stubborn of folk on Alberon, but even dwarves get wounded, from time to time.  Perhaps they have fallen down a bottomless pit, or have picked a fight with the wrong dozen or so goblins, or a mine fell on them.  Either way, every so often, a dwarf may take an unfortunate blow to the head, stab to the vitals, sprained axe-wielding arm or a blow to the leg, as if they weren't slowing down the party enough already!  The good news is, that after a short rest, and a few pints down the inn, most of your dwarves will make a full recovery.  Until then, you'll just have to listen to them complaining!

New Releases this week include four wounded dwarves, perfect as NPC's or battlefield casualties!

Midlam Miniatures remains open for mail order and click & collect, with the bricks n' mortar shop open again on Wed 2nd of December.


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