Denizens of the Goblin Mines!

26 February 2013  |  Admin

Deep within the Lost Mountains, the goblins dwell, forever mining and digger deeper into the forbidden depths, looking for gems, artefacts and gold... they don't do the work themselves of course, not while there are dwarves who can still be pressed into service...

Goblin Overlords!

Now in the shop are the goblin military models: thug, soldier and sergeant.  As well as the taskmasters of the goblin mines, the slavemaster, cruel overseer and unspeakable torturer!  These represent the first in our new line of goblins, with more to follow in due course.

Dwarven Workforce...

Adding to the Dwarves of the Lost Mountain collection, we have three more dwarven convicts, their hair and beard shaved, and a metal ball equal in weight to their crimes attached to their wrists.  We also have three more dwarven slaves, forced to toil at the very limits of their endurance.

All of these fantastic models sculpted by Kev Adams, and can be seen by clicking on 'newest' items on the product page.

By Torchlight they Work!

In addition we have sprues of lit and unlit torches for your mines in the scenery department.  Batteries not included.

All the best

Paul von Scott

Midlam Miniatures