Heralding the Heralds!

15 October 2020  |  Admin

Heralding the Heralds!

Continuing with our release of miniatures we are pleased to announce 3 new medieval/fantasy human Heralds, available separately or as part of a pack.

In Midlam, a town where hundreds of important trading deals are conducted every day, political machinations abound and the defence of the city is at stake, the Herald is a vital component, allowing Midlam to run smoothly and efficiently.  So important, that it is in fact a crime to intercept, or interfere with the duties of, a Herald in Midlam.  Their work is difficult and arduous, navigating the crowded maze of streets in Midlam, avoiding spies, thieves and footpads.  Paid by their speed, Heralds have by nature, a limited career ahead of them, with those who have made contacts along the way finding service within one of the great noble or trading houses.



The Baron of Midlam