5 Shows in Three Weeks!

10 February 2013  |  Admin

Midlam returns for a well-deserved rest after visiting 5 shows over the last weekend...

Show Time!

Crusade, Mini-con, Vapnartak, Call to Arms and Hammerhead have all been visited by the Midlam Miniatures travelling carnival, where visitors have gaped at the many diverse and unnatural creatures on display and gasped in terror of visiting the caverns of the dreaded Stalagbite!  Whether you were lucky enough to win an exclusive Stalagbite mug during one of our demo games, or came away with some wonderful figurines, we'd like to thank you all for your enthusiasm and interest!

And now... Back to Work

Fun though it was, now it's back to work, so work will begin on some new models as we wait for the recently designed miniatures to come back from the heavy metal forges of the dwarves of the Lost Mountain, updates to the website and some new game design.

All the best

Paul von Scott

Midlam Miniatures