Our New Kickstarter... The Return of the Cult of the Kraken Lord

26 October 2018  |  Admin

Midlam Miniatures are pleased to present Our New Kickstarter... The Return of the Cult of the Kraken Lord! A collection of vile cultists, and The Chosen, poor unfortunates who have been cursed by the Kraken Lord!

The Baron, in his great weariness, had fastened the reins of his horse tightly around his hands and knotted them, so they would not fall from his grasp. As they entered the city, trying to focus his eyes upon the Wizard Gudgrief who rode a little ahead, and he noticed as they passed beneath the great gate that few paid him little, if any, any attention.  He realised that he must cut a sorry figure indeed.  Perhaps it was for the best that the guards did not recognise him.

As they made their way to the stables by the Wizards' college, the Baron was struck by the sorry downtrodden state of many of the citizens.  They kept their heads low, or covered their heads or faces.  Some walked with a strange gait, and their hands and fingers seemed bloated.

"Plague?" whispered the Baron hoarsely as he pulled alongside the Wizard.

"A disease... of sorts. Some of them have begun to call themselves, The Chosen, as if it were a blessing, not a curse.  But... it would be best not to talk of it here... for the beast, it has too many eyes... too many limbs!"

The Wizard Gudgrief calmed himself and his eyes took on a steely quality.

"I fear an old foe has returned..."

The Baron shivered.

Welcome to the our new Kickstarter!  A collection of Cultists and The Chosen!

We would very much appreciate your support!


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