Our New Kickstarter... The Village of the Witches

17 August 2018  |  Admin

Midlam Miniatures are pleased to present Our New Kickstarter... The Village of the Witches!

Surrounding the great trading city of Midlam, there lie many scattered villages, each nestled precariously between small patches of fertile farmland, ancient swamps and smouldering wastelands.  As long as the villagers pay their taxes, in money, crops and livestock, they are largely left to their own devices.  Such villages are known for their odd rural ways, curious customs and ancient religious ceremonies. Their only visitors being the occasional merchant trader, tinker, unwary traveller and, on important festival days, a priest.  

However, reports however have come from one small village, of strange and unusual omens, blighted crops, sick cattle, rains of blood and frogs and the possession of the innocent.  Having reached Midlam, these tales have excited the chattering townsfolk, alarmed the priests, alerted the City Council, perturbed the School of Wizards and, of course, attracted the attention of the Baron of Midlam, who takes an interest in all such matters.  And so, the Baron rides forth, keen to satisfy his curiosity and also aware that the scourge that is the professional witch-hunter will also be abroad...

Welcome to the Village of the Witches!  A collection of seemingly innocent villagers and their witch alter-egos.

We would very much appreciate your support!

The High Wizard - Midlam School of Magical Arts

All the Best,

Midlam Miniatures