Our New Kickstarter... Halflings - A Class of Their Own...

9 April 2018  |  Admin

Midlam Miniatures are pleased to present Our New Kickstarter... Halflings - A Class of Their Own...

Although some infamous halflings had gone 'Adventuring' from time to time, and others were occasionally called away on important matters, for the most part, these small peaceful folk kept to themselves and didn't feel the need to bother others, or care much about what lay beyond their own doorstep.

However, as far as anyone could remember, the halflings had never ventured beyond the large hill at the end of their valley.  They had been curious of course, and there was much speculation as to what was on the other side, but as the hill had been inhabited by Gnomes who didn't take kindly to such impudent questions, the matter was largely left alone.

Now, seemingly in the middle of the night, the gnomes have disappeared, and the big question (apart from where have all the gnomes gone) of what lies on the other side of the hill is now very much the talk of the town.  Some think it might be an orchard, full of apples.  Others, that a very big dragon has eaten all the gnomes and may well be coming for them next.

The Halfling Town Council declared an emergency meeting, and decided there's only one way to be sure - an adventure.  Under such dire circumstances, they are seeking brave (or at least moderately confident) adventurers, from different backgrounds to form a Party (the very worst kind, without cake or even paper hats) to investigate the other side of the hill...

Midlam Miniatures are pleased to present a collection of sixteen 28mm scale halfling miniatures for use in all of your fantasy games.

We would very much appreciate your support!


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