Merry Grotmas!

11 December 2017  |  Admin

It's Grotmas!

Father Grotmas

It is once again that time of year in Old Midlam Town, when all the little children wonder if they've been perhaps a little too good this year and can expect a visit, and perhaps some retribution, from Father Grotmas, for their goody-two-shoes behaviour.  Perhaps they've been too kind and sharing, so he'll take all of their presents?  Perhaps they've respected their elders and so Grotmas will drink all of their parents' beer?  

As a thank you to all of our customers, anyone who places an order with us with us for miniatures in December will receive a special Grotmas card from us, perhaps putting us at risk as well, for Father Grotmas brings seasonal misery to both human and goblin alike!

As an added protection, be sure to have your Father Grotmas Miniature painted and in the window !

We hope you have had a wonderful 22017 in Midlam (or 2017 on Earth), although not too wonderful that Father Grotmas pays you a visit, and you will join us again next year for many more new releases and Kickstarter projects!

All the Best

Midlam Miniatures