Common (or Garden) Gnomes on Kickstarter

24 October 2017  |  Admin

The Baron of Midlam, on dealing with the matter of the 'Winter Adventurers' returned home to Midlam Manor, to a most alarming sight.  For there, at the end of his estate, at the bottom of the garden, was a hill, where previously, there had been no hill.

Fortunately the Wizard Gudgrief had accompanied him, and was quick with sage advice.  "I fear my Lord, that you have a mild infestation of gnomes, the common or garden sort.  Quite harmless, I assure you... "

The Baron did not look best pleased, for this was Midlam Manor, his supposedly secret retreat, far from the hustle and bustle and plotting and scheming of Midlam Town.  And now there were gnomes here.

Gudgrief, sensing the Baron's dismay was quick to step in.  "You'll find they are no bother, indeed, they are good at tending gardens so they team with flowers, will protect your grounds from wild animals and alert you to the coming of foes.  Other than that, you'll hardly know they are here... harrumph, apart from the hills of course... they do so like to build hills..."

Midlam Miniatures are pleased to present a collection of thirteen 28mm scale figures, for all of your Fantasy games. There are a variety of both male and female gnome miniatures.

We would very much appreciate your support!

The High Wizard - Midlam School of Magical Arts

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