Halfling Wizards & Apprentice Kickstarter

16 September 2016  |  Admin

While work progresses on our Wizard's Apprentice Kickstarter, we have already started on the next part of our project - Halfling Wizards!

A good few of you suggested this as one of our next projects, and we are pleased to announce it here. We already have some excellent halfling miniatures and we are planning to extend that range with new models.

Of course, if this project interests you, we would welcome your support. 

We also appreciate the Wizard's Apprentices project is not completed yet, but it is on schedule, and you can see what they are looking like on update #9! This project in no way will slow them down, and we like to keep ourselves busy!

"What the world needs is more Magic... and who are we to say that these quaint and goodly people shall not provide it!?"

The High Wizard - Midlam School of Magical Arts






Thank you to all of our backers so far. You can find details of the Kickstarter here

All the Best,

Midlam Miniatures