Dragon Dice Update

3 May 2016  |  Admin

New & Old Starter Sets

The NEW 2-Player Starter Set - Firewalker/Treefolk is now in-stock!  This contains 66% more health than our previous starters (30 health of each race and 4 Dragons!)

The OLD 2 Player Starter Set - Amazon/Swamp Stalkers are also back in stock! This starter contains 18 health of each race, 4 terrains, two dragons, and the OLD rulebook. These were replaced with the new Starter in Winter 2014. Swamp Stalkers are expected in early 2017

New Game Mats

Earth and Air Game Mats are now available for Dragon Dice! These are full color Fabric Surface Rubber Backed Game Mats, dimensions are approximately 24 X 14 x 1/16 in.


Restocks on Kickers

Frostwings/Goblins/Dwarves/Corel Elves/Lava Elves/Battlefields/Dragonkin kickers are also back in stock!


All the best

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