Newly Graduated Wizards - Available to Order

2 July 2021  |  Admin

Newly Graduated Wizards - Available to Order

We have made our 24th Kickstarter Miniatures available to order directly from our website!  This was the follow up to our very first Kickstarter 'Wizard's Apprentices'. Thank you to all of our Kickstarter Backers!

As the School of Magic assembles, Graduates nervously wait to be called to receive their graduation certificates.  After what seems an age and a half, the Wizard Gudgrief arrives, picking twigs out of his hat, and muttering something about 'pesky abyssal demons of the deep' mucking up his social diary.

Fully qualified, the Graduate Wizards finally get to leave the confines of the college and into the wide world of Alberon, where perhaps, their real education shall begin.  For they will learn that far from being magical masters, they are in fact the mere servants of magic, a force beyond total understanding and reckoning.

You can find details of the Kickstarter here or buy them from our webstore here.


The High Wizard - Midlam School of Magical Arts

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