New Releases - The Ram Men

10 February 2023  |  Admin

New Releases - The Ram Men

While their diet is mostly vegetarian, you should not confuse the Ram Men with that passive cousins, sheep.  Indeed, this stubborn and fierce people are quick to defend their tribe herds from interference by man, which is a common feature of their lives.  Hence their largely nomadic, and are typically found in the Wastelands, eking out a wild existence on those tumultuous plains.  They may roam further afield when Bestialis, the Beast Moon is high in the skies of Alberon, and sometimes clash with human settlements.

We acquired the the Ram Men in 2013 from Mega-Minis (you may remember them from the Metal Magic range). A whole decade later two reinforcements have arrived for our Ram Men miniatures by the original sculptor Bob Olley!  These are quite chunky figures and will no doubt inspire awe amongst your tribe!

This Fridays release includes two new Ram Men miniatures sculpted by the amazing Bob Olley! You can buy them from our webstore here.

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